Your Leadership Performance Expert

Founder and President of Spark Innovation, Jay Lundy has a comprehensive background in the disciplines of business design, workplace learning, facilitation, and collaborative problem-solving. Jay draws upon 30 years of experience to help accelerate company performance by coaching teams towards innovation. Using his extensive experience, Jay strengthens companies by transforming their teams into “idea factories” who can quickly respond to the changing rapids ahead.

Jay Lundy is a lifelong entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of businesses across North America become engines of innovation 
by accelerating how they solve problems. An accomplished speaker, master trainer, and facilitator, Jay blends an imaginative communication style with an ability to bridge ideas and galvanize the commitment of individuals and groups around the key issues they face.

Jay Lundy has seamlessly blended his expertise in Design with knowledge in Adult Education into 30 years experience developing creative, high impact learning programs for hundreds of organizations including:

Jay Is The Founder Of Three Companies:

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Spark Innovation accelerate’s team productivity and teaches teams how to do great work in less time.

Eagle Valley Retreat gives teams the privacy and freedom they need to hit the restart button and start doing their best work again.

Voyageur Adventures helps teams discover and embrace the time-tested lessons of leadership and teamwork.